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Oct 07 2019

10 Things You Need in Your Winter Car Survival Kit

Winster season can bring some challenges for the motorists. To avoid getting stranded out in the middle of nowhere it is advised to make your survival kit.

Probably you already have many of these things in your garage, but they and many other things should be in the car. You need to put them in a box in your car for roadside emergencies. With adequate items, you will be ready for roadside emergencies. Here are a few things.

Keep Your Vehicle Serviced

This step is extremely important and that is why it is the first one on this list. The elaboration of the step is that you should ensure fluids are changed at the proper intervals and topped off where applicable. It is right to say that many emergencies can be prevented by keeping your vehicle in top condition.

There are a few things you should check regularly in your vehicle including antifreeze and radiator, heater and defroster, brake and brake fluid level, tire pressure and tire depth, fluid level, oil level, and many other things. Before traveling in the cold outside it is better to check your vehicle.

Small LED Flashlight

Do not forget a small LED flashlight with fresh batteries to be included your winter car kit. Flashlights are of great help for changing flats, or to see under the hood to find any quick fixes. You need something to illuminate the interior of your car for any work you want to do. Additionally, you can use the flashlight to signal other vehicles.

Cell Phone Car Charger

In case you get stuck somewhere, a mobile phone can be of great help. However, it should be charged if you want to utilize them. So, keep a cell phone charger in your car.

Portable Air Compressor

A portable air compressor does not take much space and you can use it to fill low tires or more importantly fill a flat or low spare tire. Low pressure on the car may lead to other more serious problems. It is recommended to check your tire pressure regularly.

Jumper Cables

Do not depend on other drivers to have jumper cables for you – carry your own. They are not expensive and you can easily get your car started with the help of a helpful motorist. However, you must know how to jumpstart your car.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit has a lot of importance especially when you are in the middle of your journey. Besides other essentials, also include spare medications if you need them to stay alert while waiting on the road. Regardless of your current skills, it is recommended to brush up your first aid skills.

Warm Hat and Gloves

Suppose you are stranded in the cold outside and you need warmth. It is a good idea to have an extra hat and gloves so you can keep warm while you are busy in travel-related activities like changing a tire or taking a look under the hood.

Warm Blanket

A blanket can keep you warm in the winter, and it can be very useful when you are waiting on alongside the road. In addition, a sleeping bag is also a good option if you have space.

Have a Full-Size Spare Tire if Possible

The most common vehicle problem is a flat tire you can experience while traveling towards your destination. Having a spare tire can be of great help if you want to reach your destination. Additionally, you need to know how to change a tire. 

It is better to keep checking your spare tires periodically to ensure it is inflated and there are no cracks in the rubber.

Vehicle Tool Kit

It is a great idea to include a simple tool kit in your emergency kit. That means, at the very least you should have tools necessary to replace the car battery.

You can include a small wrench set, a pair of pliers, a few screwdrivers, duct tape and some other tools which you consider suitable.

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