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Jun 05 2021

3 Principles to Follow to be Vigilant Behind the Wheel


Rules of conduct exist to protect you. Here are 3 road safety principles that you must respect to be vigilant while driving.

1. Watch Out for Hydroplaning:

Worn tires, high speed and heavy rain increase the risk of losing control of the vehicle, which then literally slips on the road.

  • To avoid this kind of mishap, limit your speed and examine the road conditions as far as possible, so as to anticipate and adapt your driving, smoothly.
  • In the event of hydroplaning, do not brake especially, which will cause you to lose control. Let the car slide until the wheels regain their grip.
  • If you are driving a manual, depress the clutch pedal to release the wheels from any strain.

2. Drive Slowly on the Snow:

On a slippery road, in snow or freezing fog, avoid any sudden movement that could destabilize the car.

  • If you need to accelerate or turn, proceed smoothly.
  • The same goes for braking. To avoid locking the front wheels and spinning, only press the pedal in a straight line and gradually.
  • The new cars are, for the most part, equipped with the anti-lock ABS system, which allows you to maintain control of the vehicle, even on slippery roads.

3. Pay Attention to the Airbags:

These safety devices inflate automatically in the event of an impact, interposing between the occupant and the steering wheel or the dashboard. But, while they save lives in the event of a serious accident, their use is not without danger.

  • You should always turn off the system when transporting a rear-facing infant in a car seat in the front.
  • Likewise, avoid putting it in front of a young child who is less than a meter and a half or five feet.
  • To reduce the risk, keep a safety distance of at least 25 centimeters (10 inches) between yourself and the airbag.
  • In the event of an impact, fold your arms against your body and close your eyes to prevent eye irritation, which can be very painful.

Respecting road safety and driving safely is necessary at all times. But it is even more so when the weather or traffic conditions are difficult.

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