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Mar 19 2020

4 Causes of a Car Engine That Cranks But Won’t Start


It is common with people having a vehicle, that they likely experienced issues in starting the vehicle even after repeatedly turning on the ignition the vehicle cranks but doesn’t start. In this article, we will discuss logical reasons why your vehicle cranks but doesn’t start normally.

Reasons a Vehicle Cranks But Won’t Turn Over:

(1) Spark Problems:

Spark problems may occur due to the bad spark plugs, malfunctioning of the ignition switch, problem in the wiring and faulty Crank Position Sensor. If there is an issue with the timing system and arrhythmic spark can occur. It is very difficult to identify this issue but an instrument known as timing light is very useful in examining that all the cylinders of the engine are firing at the right time when they are required to. Spark problems can also occur due to the issue in the spark system, to determine the problem visually check the spark plug wires, and distributor cap, as they may damage with age due to the high temperature of the engine.

(2) Lack of Fuel Flow:

An issue with the flow of the fuel may be because of a clogged fuel filter, bad fuel pump or injector, damaged fuse for the fuel tank, bad quality fuel in the tank or simply an empty tank of fuel. The constant pressure of the fuel is very important to keep the vehicle function normally. If the pressure of the fuel decreases due to any cause which I mentioned above, it can cause the engine to work underpowered and the engine becomes unable to take the full load of the vehicle as a result stalling and jerking occurs.

(3) Low Compression:

Each cylinder required the maximum value of compression for the normal functioning of the engine. The compression ratio on each stroke consists of the value of air compression in the maximum volume cylinder to the minimum volume cylinder. If the compression rate is low in one or more cylinders due to the air gets leak when ring piston are worn out which limits the amount of pressure that exerts on the piston to spin the crankshaft. Low compression can also occur due to the loose or broken timing belt, an overheated engine because of a low level of engine oil is also another factor that prevents the vehicle from starting.

(4) Power Supply Problems:

This is another major problem in starting the engine, weak starter motor which consumes a lot of amps to crank the engine but failed to run injector and ignition system to make the engine run. If this problem ever happened with your vehicle then you probably notice that starter motor makes unusual noises, feels like starter motor is working under power. Another reason that your vehicle doesn’t start because of dying batter or weak or rusty battery cables and terminals.


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