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Oct 26 2017

5 Affordable Used Cars You Can Buy With Low Budget

Are you looking to buy a car?  Then you may find many options. But, there are some questions that you need to consider before buying a car. Do you want to buy a new or a used car? You can buy a new car if you have enough money to spend, but you can buy a used car if you are low at budget. It does not mean that used cars are not good; you can find quality used cars at lower price.

How to Find Low Cost Cars?

You can find cheap vehicle for sale. You can buy used cars that are in good quality and low cost. Here are some ways to find and buy affordable used cars.

Local Dealership:

You can get to a local dealer to find affordable vehicles for sale.  Used car dealers offer variety of cars of different makes and models. You can expect huge variety that will make it easier for you to choose a car that is affordable.


You can find cheap cars for sale online. Many people sell their cars online on different portals, you can get there and purchase easily. You can buy with OLX and other platforms that work as a medium between buyers and sellers. You can easily get access to huge inventory offered online. Even many dealers have established their websites to make it easy for their customer to buy. You can get access to their stock and buy online.

Private Owners:

You can contact with family, friends or local mechanics to get information about affordable cars for sale in your area.  Many mechanics keep information about the cars you may be interested.

Here are some affordable used cars you can buy if you have a low budget.

Hyundai Elantra, 2002

It is one of the most frequently recommended used cars on the market. It is because this car comes with 10-year power train warranty that makes it one of the best. It offers great fuel mileage, powerful engine and solid build. With its measure quality it beats most of its competitors. It has a sporty feel that many buyers would seek. It is an affordable car for someone with a low budget.

Toyota Camry 2004

Toyota tells that Camry comes from “kan-muri”. In Japanese it means “crown”. It feels a suitable name as it outsells its competitors. It is a nice car that runs smoothly and softly. It comes in three levels: LE, SE, and XLE. Its base LE version has long been the most popular Camry. It comes with power windows, air conditioning, power locks and remote keyless entry, visor vanity mirrors and many other features. SE is a sportier version of the LE. XLE is the cushiest version that features luxury appointments.

Toyota Prius 2001

Toyota Prius is a popular car. It combines electric with traditional four-cylinder power. Drivers do not need to tell the car to switch to either the gas or electric motors, it does automatically.  It comes with remote keyless entry, ABS, automatic transmission and air conditioning with automatic climate control and many other features.

Toyota Corolla 2003

Toyota corolla is one of the best selling cars. 2003 Toyota corolla is one of the best consumer choice cars that you can purchase. Three trim levels are available in the 2003 corolla lineup: base CE, the sporty S, and the luxurious LE. Interior is where the corolla really shines. If you are looking to buy a reliable sub-compact sedan, this car is for you.

Honda Fit 2012

Honda fit 2012 is one of the most enjoyable drives in subcompact. It has 1.5-liter engine that is smooth and powerful. It offers an interior that is roomy and configurable. 2012 Honda Fit comes in two models and three trims: Fit, Fit Sport, and Fit Sport with Navigation.

If you are looking to buy an affordable car, you have many options. You can buy cheap and low cost cars online. You can search in the stock of your local dealer.   Make it sure that you have done your research before making a buying decision. 

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