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Nov 18 2021

5 Causes of Car AC Not Cold and Smells


Air conditioner (AC) or air conditioning is a feature in the car that is never absent during driving. The AC component is an important component that will always be used on every trip. Enjoying the trip will feel perfect thanks to the cold wind that hits your face and whole body. Because this component is so important, you certainly have to carry out regular maintenance to avoid the car air conditioner from getting cold and smelly. Imagine if suddenly your car's air conditioner is not cold while driving in a traffic jam with hot air. It will definitely make your trip uncomfortable isn't it.

In addition, the car air conditioner must also be cleaned regularly. The reason is, a dirty or rarely cleaned air conditioner becomes a favorite place for germs and bacteria. If left alone, it will affect the health of the passengers. So, what is the cause of the car air conditioner not cold? Let's see below.

AC Freon Runs out:

One of the causes that is often the cause of the air conditioner not cold is the freon that runs out or lacks. Basically freon will not run out if there is no leakage in the system. If there is a leak caused by several components that have been damaged, of course the car air conditioner will not cool often even though you have refilled the freon repeatedly.

Dirty AC Evaporator:

Simply put, the function of the evaporator is to absorb hot air and blow it back into cold air into the cabin. If the car air conditioner is not cold, it could be caused by a dirty evaporator due to dust. Dust is the main enemy that can make the car air conditioner evaporator dirty and clogged so that the air conditioner circulation is not smooth.

Dirty AC Condenser:

Well, the AC condenser is located at the front of the car near the radiator. The shape is indeed like a car radiator, but its dimensions are smaller. Without realizing it, the position of the condenser at the front of the car often invites all the dirt that might stick when we drive. This of course will have an impact on the working system of the car air conditioner not cold because the car air conditioner condensation process does not run optimally. So, even though the car is currently not in use, always clean the car, dust and other dirt carried by the air can make the car air conditioner not cold, you know.

Car AC Filter Clogged:

AC filter serves to filter out all dirt and dust. If you are lazy to clean this section, of course dust and dirt will stick and accumulate in the filter section so that it clogs. If there is a blockage, it is certain that the air circulation produced will not be optimal so that the car air conditioner is not cold.

Extra Fan Motor is Dead:

Extra fan that is damaged or does not rotate will affect the condensation process to not run. Though the condensation process is what makes the temperature drop in the condenser. If the extra fan turns off automatically there is no decrease in temperature so that the air entering the car is not cold. So, those are some of the causes that make the car air conditioner not cold. If there are already symptoms of the AC not cold, it would be nice to take it to the nearest AC repair shop to check some of the components above.

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