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5 Tips on How to Care for a New Car to Make it Lasting


Many people think that when you buy a new car, you don't have to do anything because it is in a smooth and new condition. Though that assumption is wrong. If a new car is not properly cared for, it might even look like a used car. Here are tips on how to properly care for your new car.

Car Fluid Condition:

Caring for a new car can be done in a simple way and check regularly. First you have to be diligent in checking the condition of the engine oil . This check can be done regularly once a month. That way if there is a leak and something odd on the car can be quickly resolved. There are also other fluids in the car that need attention, such as brake fluid, glass cleaning fluid, and transmission oil.

Air Filter:

You can also check the condition of the air filter , exhaust system, don't forget the battery along with an oil change. Battery checks should also be done regularly, so you are not surprised if the car suddenly dies on the road.

Tire Pressure:

Don't forget to check the tire pressure too. Before going on a long trip or at least once a month it's a good idea to make sure the tire pressure is in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. You can also rotate the tires of the car so that the performance is balanced. It can keep the car tires in top condition and prolong their life.

Car Exterior:

So that it looks as smooth as if you just got out of the show room, you must be diligent in cleaning the exterior of the car with a rag after use. This can make the car paint last longer and clean the car from dust that can cause scratches. You can also schedule to wash your car once a week. Use a good quality car shampoo so it doesn't leave marks. Don't forget to dry it after washing so that there are no water spots on the exterior. You can also polish to keep it smooth with paint protection or waxing . After cleaning, the car can be covered with a glove to prevent dirt from sticking back.

Car Interior:

The interior also needs to be cleaned frequently. You can do this by wiping and using a vacuum to suck up the dust on the car carpet, up to the car seat. Caring for the interior of this car is not only done to make it look shiny, but also so that it doesn't get damaged quickly. Not just taking care of it. Those of you who buy a new car must also understand the after-sales service or after-sales service provided by the manufacturer so that the quality of the car is better maintained.

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