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Here are 5 Causes of Car Engine Downs and Prevention


Do you have a car at home? If so, you should understand more or less how to do car maintenance. There are many things that can be done in carrying out car maintenance, one of which is taking care of the correct car engine. Why is maintaining a car engine important? Of course so that the car can be used comfortably when driving and to avoid damage to causing the car engine to drop. Even though you have done careful maintenance of the car engine, it is not uncommon for some disturbances to arise that can cause the car engine to drop. In fact, there are many causes for the car engine to drop and can vary. Therefore, if you have a car, you should avoid as early as possible the occurrence of the car going down the engine. Why is it called down the engine, because indeed in carrying out repairs and maintenance the car engine must be taken down from the car. It is useful to find out the cause of the car engine down. When a machine is known to cause the car engine to drop, it will proceed with an analysis of all possible disturbances. Then what kind of disturbance causes the car to drop the engine, is it really a very serious and dangerous disturbance for the continuity and comfort of the car or not. So that friends can understand more, here are the causes of the car engine dropping as reported on the official BOS Workshop website.

Get off the Car Engine Due to Overheating:

Has your car ever broken down? or even frequent strikes. If explored more deeply, there are many causes of this car breaking down, including running out of gasoline, dead or malfunctioning spark plugs, or overheating of the car. For overheating itself, it can cause various other damages such as curved cylinder heads, mixing of oil with water and various disturbances to other car engines. If the components in the engine are damaged, it is certain that you have to get down the car engine for further checking.

Get off the Car Engine Due to Bad Lubrication:

The next cause of the car engine down is due to the lubrication system that cannot work properly. Or it could be that even your car's engine oil has run out. This car lubrication system is very important for car components, car lubrication is needed to maintain friction in the car engine so that overheating does not occur too high. So when this lubrication system does not work properly, then of course these components are damaged due to friction in the absence of lubricant. It's best if you check how many liters of oil you have left with the help of deep stick oil on a regular basis. Also pay attention to the oil indicator on the car dashboard. There's an image of a drip cup there. If the image lights up, it means there is a problem with the lubrication. It could be due to lack of pressure, poor oil circulation. It is feared that the oil line is clogged or the oil pump is damaged. If the car engine oil is low, immediately take your friend's car to a repair shop for an engine oil change to avoid getting the car engine down.

Broken Timing Belt can be the cause of the Car Engine Down:

The cause of the next car engine down could be due to a break in the timing belt. The timing belt itself functions as a distributor of power from the crankshaft. If there is a break in the timing belt, then what will happen is the piston and the valves collide. Of course this will make damage to the valve and piston. However, there are also some similar cases that do not cause significant engine disturbances but can still cause the car to break down and cannot be started.

The Car Got into Water or Water Hammer:

Furthermore, what can be the cause of the car engine falling is usually water that enters the car engine. The entry of water can be through the suction channel which usually occurs when a car passes through a flooded road or your car bulldozes an unnatural flood. Well, this incoming water will then also be in the combustion chamber, so this can certainly cause something dangerous. This is when there is pressure from the piston, it can cause the piston to become perforated or even break. These symptoms are usually called water hammer and can really cause the car engine to drop if it doesn't get further treatment. Well friends, those are some of the causes of the car engine going down and how to deal with the car going down the engine. The most important thing in overcoming the car down the engine is how we can prevent disturbances to the car as early as possible. Well, for this preventive measure the best is to anticipate it by taking care of the car engine every time. Do not just drive, but lazy to take care of the car. Because if you are lazy to take care of the car engine, what happens is that there is a lot of damage and disturbance to the car engine which is very bad for the condition of the car.

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