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Here is the Method of Checking Vehicle Exhaust Emissions


The motorized vehicle is one of the biggest contributors to air pollution. Air pollution is air pollution with the presence of various pollutants beyond the threshold. Pollution from motor vehicles has filled the air space to breathe. WHO noted, deaths due to air pollution reached 7 million cases per year. These deaths are the result of air pollution through stroke, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, and acute respiratory infections.

The emission test can also detect the performance of the vehicle's engine. Emissions produced by each vehicle include HC (Hydrocarbon), CO (Carbon Monoxide), CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), O2 (Oxygen), and NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) compounds. These compounds appear when combustion occurs in the engine. The amount of these substances can be determined through emission tests with special tools. From there, vehicle owners can find out if their vehicle engine has a problem. Generally, emission tests are focused on HC and CO gases, which are considered harmful to the human body and the environment.

Motorized vehicles that meet the emission requirements show that the vehicles are in prime condition and roadworthy so that if each vehicle owner has carried out an emission test and it turns out that they meet the requirements for passing, they will definitely have contributed to reducing the burden of air pollution from the remaining exhaust gases of their motorized vehicles.

Benefits That You Can Get In Vehicle Emission Test:

More Precise Composition of Fuel and Air:

By conducting an emission test, the composition of the mixture of fuel and air contained in the exhaust gas will be measured appropriately. That way, the exhaust gas will not become a pollutant that harms nature and humans.

Check Engine Condition:

Doing an emission test is the same as checking the condition of the engine inside. You can take direct action if the engine turns out to be experiencing an unnoticed decrease in performance.


Another benefit is that it saves fuel. However, do not worry, this will not affect the performance and power of the engine.

Clean Air:

If every vehicle owner complies with the regulations for conducting emission tests, we can be sure that the air is cleaner and the environment healthier than before. However, despite this, many motorized vehicles fail the emission test. Combustion in the engine does not run perfectly or the car owner does not use Euro 4 standard fuel. As a result, the fuel explodes before the compression process occurs.

The Cause of the Failure of the Vehicle Emission Test:

Wrong Choice of Vehicle Fuel:

Not only because the oil is not suitable, carelessly choosing fuel can also trigger an incomplete combustion process. Be aware, the use of fuel that is not in accordance with the engine compression ratio can increase the levels of HC, NOx, and CO emissions. In other words, the use of quality fuel that really matches the compression of the engine is very important for vehicles.

Blocked Injector:

Paying attention to the quality of the fuel used is also not enough to ensure that it passes the car emissions test. The condition of the injectors is no less important to note. This injector plays a role in spraying fuel in the combustion chamber. When the injector is clogged with impurities such as sulfur from the fuel, the engine performance is definitely disrupted. In fact, this kind of blockage also results in wastage of fuel, resulting in black smoke that triggers emissions to be less than perfect.

Exhaust Leak:

A muffler is a channel to dispose of the rest of the combustion on the engine or engine roof. Therefore the exhaust is also a vehicle component that is most prone to leaking and porous problems. Exhaust that has certain problems can result in reduced exhaust gas circulation pressure so that engine performance is disrupted. As a result, exhaust emissions also increased dramatically.

Rarely Service Vehicle:

The last cause that causes high exhaust emissions in vehicles is infrequent servicing. Regular vehicle servicing can ensure engine performance is in good condition. Realize the importance of Routine Service to ensure that your favorite vehicle does not emit exhaust gases that exceed the level of passing the emission test. Services that are carried out regularly not only have a positive impact on the vehicle's engine but also on the surrounding environment.

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