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How to Clean Your Car Seats Like A Real Pro?


Are your car seats in desperate need of a good cleaning? Get rid of stains and bad odors like a pro with these cleaning tips.

Quick Cleaning Tips:

To restore the seats to near-new condition:

  • Gently brush seats and rugs to loosen dirt before vacuuming.
  • Vacuum the seats, then apply a mixture of water and ammonia with the sponge. Avoid getting the seats too wet.
  • Use resin (available at DIY stores) to repair frayed edges of the carpet or the seams of your seats.
  • Keep your car mats looking new by waxing them with shoe polish.

Tips for Cleaning Up Stains:

The best tip for removing stains is to clean up any spilled liquid as soon as possible.

  • Use a cloth or paper towel to blot up as much of the liquid as possible before using any cleaning product.
  • When applying a cleaning solution, moisten the seat and allow the stain to soak. Do not get wet and avoid driving the stain deeper into the fibers.

For most stains, a mixture of hot water, dishwashing liquid and white vinegar is sufficient - white vinegar is a very effective cleaning tool .

  • Apply some to the stain and dab with a clean white towel.
  • Do not wet the seat too much and do not use a colored cloth that may discolor the seats.

For really oily stains, dab the stain with a cotton cloth dampened with a little paint thinner.

  • For ink stains, try hairspray (hair spray).
  • For vomit and blood stains, use club soda or baking soda with water. Blood stains can be a bit more difficult to dislodge . For the stubborn ones, try a mixture of laundry starch and water instead.
  • Alcohol should be washed off immediately with cold water.
  • For vinyl seats, apply baking soda to a wet rag and wipe clean.

Deep Cleaning:

If stubborn stains resist your homemade solutions, you can rent or purchase a steam cleaner or a car seat cleaner.

  • After you've removed the stains, spray the seats with a car interior fabric protector. It won't prevent your coffee from spilling when taking a sharp turn, but it will make it easier to clean up.

Deodorization of Your Car:

How to find a scent of freshness in your car? Clean while you refuel!

  • While you stop at the gas pump, pick up any leftovers, boxes and other garbage that collects in your car.
  • Check under the seats and in the compartments.
  • Keep wipes in the car and quickly wipe down cup holders and anything sticky.
  • Still not satisfied? Vacuum thoroughly after brushing the seats and rugs.

Keep an Air Freshener in the Car:

Use an air freshener spray on the vent, just below the windshield, while the car is running and the air conditioning is on the highest “fresh air” setting. Do the same with the heater on. If you don't have the time or the means to undertake a deep cleaning of your car , don't despair. You can keep the seats cool with these simple tips.

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