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Impact of Not Changing Car Oil Regularly and Periodically

Car oil decreases so you need to replace it regularly. Sometimes even though the car owner already knows if the car oil needs to be changed regularly, there are still owners who do not regularly change the car oil for various reasons. As a result, it affects the performance of the car itself.

1. Car Engine So Less Powerful:

Car oil really helps maximize engine performance. However, if you forget to change the car oil, it will make the engine performance less powerful. The oil also turns out to be thinner and darker in color because it is mixed with dirt. Over time, the engine will quickly break down, especially the pistons and cylinders, because they work harder than they should. There is a risk of scratching, rust, or fire.

2. Fuel Runs Out Faster:

The result of not changing the car's engine oil further also makes the pull heavier and the friction between engine components getting stronger. This condition makes the engine requires a source of power greater than fuel oil (BBM). That is why when the engine oil has not been replaced for a long time, the fuel will run out quickly.

3. Overheating:

Overheating is a condition where the car engine becomes very hot. This condition can occur because the car oil which is supposed to work as a car cooler does not function optimally because the oil is not changed regularly. The fatal result can cause damage to the engine as a whole.

4. Lose Financially:

If the engine damage has spread everywhere, the solution that must be done is to dismantle it or replace it entirely with a new one. It is certain that this will make you have to spend more than the price of a car oil change or regular repair service.

5. The Sound of the Engine is Very Rough:

Lastly, due to not changing the car oil, it will make the engine sound harsh. Rough engine noise can interfere with concentration while driving. This condition is caused because the oil is very dilute. Very dilute oil is not able to reduce engine friction. For your information, for the schedule of changing car oil, try to rely on the time of the last car oil change or the mileage of a car that has reached 5000-10,000 km. Meanwhile, to check the amount and quality of the oil, use the measuring stick found in the oil filling line. If the oil volume is still above the minimum mark and the color of the oil is still light, it means the oil is still in good condition and the volume is still sufficient.

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