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How to Import Japanese Used Cars to Malaysia?

Japanese vehicles are famous all over the world. These are exported in many countries. Like new Japanese cars, used cars are also popular. These cars are cheaper and offer high quality at affordable prices.  It can be seen that many people from different countries prefer Japanese cars instead of cars from other countries. It is evident from Malaysia.

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country that has become a major importer of Japanese used cars.

If you are in Malaysia and want to buy a Japanese used car, follow this guide.

Find a Reliable Used Cars Exporter

Importing a used Japanese car is now a click away. You can search on the internet where many Japanese used cars portal is available. It is quite easy to get on their website and get all the information about them.

If you have selected an exporter, you should get more information about them. Make it sure that exporter is reliable. It is better to get in touch with them by making a call.

Make Your Choice:

You can make your choice of favorite vehicle by exploring their stock. You can also see pictures of cars and know their specifications. By exploring the vehicles in detail you can make your choice easily.  

Order and Payment:

If you have made your choice, it is time to order and make the payment. Order your desired vehicle and exporter will send you an invoice. Pay money in the local bank account that will be transferred to their bank account.  But, Keep the receipt copy with you as it will be used further. They will start processing after receiving their payment. 

Hire a Clearing Agent:

Once your vehicle has arrived on the port, it is time to get it cleared. You need to hire a clearing agent that will clear it at the port. You need to provide relevant documents to the agent to get the vehicle cleared after it reaches the port.  After clearance, you can take it with you. 

Toyota Vellfire
Toyota Alphard
Toyota Harrier
Toyota Estima
Honda Odyssey
Honda Stream
Toyota Mark X
Toyota Wish
Toyota Land Cruiser
Toyota Hiace
Toyota Passo

Import Rules and Regulations

Here are some rules and regulations that are worth knowing:

  • Age Restriction:

Import of vehicles that are more than 5 years old is restricted in Malaysia.

  • Right-Hand Drive:

Traffic moves on the left-hand side in Malaysia, and Right-hand cars are allowed in Malaysia.

Shipping Port:

General ports that are used for the import of Japanese used vehicles are Port Klang in west Malaysia and Kuching in East Malaysia. It is possible to import on any of the port.

Vehicle Registration:

It is mandatory to register the vehicle with the Malaysia Road Transport Department. Here are the documents are required to register the vehicle:

  • PUSKAPOM inspection report
  • Customs Form K1
  • Identification documents:
  • The Approved Permit for the vehicle

Import Taxes and Duties

Import duties are based on CIF value as determined by custom examination and valuation department.  

  • For Passenger Cars:  It is 140% of CIF for the vehicles up to 1799 cc. Engines that are 3000cc or above 300% of CIF is applied. There are other duties for the vehicle which have a median engine value.
  • For 4×4 and other vehicles: Import duty is different for these vehicles. It is 60% of CIF on vehicles that are Up to 1799 cc. On 3000cc and above vehicles, 200% of CIF is applied. 

These are some conditions to meet in order to import the vehicles in Malaysia.

  • Valid work permits for the country.
  • Vehicle importation is allowed the personal use only; It cannot be sold or transferred.
  • Vehicles must be exported when employment in the country ends. 

Importing Japanese used cars in Malaysia is easier. Many online portals are available for the import of used vehicles. It is easier to get on the website of a Japanese used cars exporter and get the cars delivered to your desired destination.  


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