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How to Import Japanese Used Cars to Suriname?

Japan is popular for being one of the leading automakers in the world.  Not only new cars, used cars in Japan are famous all over the world. Durability, safety, and reliability are the major reasons behind the popularity of these cars.

Suriname is a country in South America. Like other countries of the region, it is also a major importer of Japanese used vehicles. It can be seen on the roads of Suriname where a large number of Japanese cars are driving.

Import process for Suriname is easier. Some rules and regulations apply when importing these vehicles. Here is how to import Japanese used cars to Suriname:

1.       Find a Used Car Exporter:

The Internet is a good way to find Japanese used cars exporter to get used cars in Suriname. There are many used cars exporter online who can supply Japanese used cars in many countries of the world. It is good to find an exporter who is reliable with years of experience. Get all the information available online about the used cars exporter and their work to make it sure that they are reliable.

The best way is to get in touch with their past customers who have dealt with them. Ask for their opinions about the used cars exporter.

2.       Choose Your Car:

You may have chosen a used car for now, but it is good to explore online stock of Japanese used cars. Visit the stock of Japanese used cars and find a car that you like. Select a car that is in your price range and offers high quality.

3.       Order and Payment:

Once you have made your choice, it is time to order the vehicle. Make the order online and you will receive an invoice. Pay the amount in your local bank so it is transferred to their bank account. Receive the receipt of your payment and keep it. Show it to your supplier so import process can be started.   

4.       Shipment

Shipment procedure can be started as the supplier acknowledges your payment. It depends on the conditions between you and your supplier.

5.       Port and Customs Clearance:

You need to find a port clearing agent who can get your car to you as it arrives on the port. Specialized port clearing company will get your car cleared off the port. Consult with clearing agent and arrange all the related documents, customs duty, and clearing fees. 

Japanese Used Cars Import to Suriname Rules and Regulations:

Here are some rules and regulations that apply when importing Japanese used cars to Suriname.

Shipping Port:

Shipping port for Japanese used cars is Paramaribo.

Age Restriction:

  • No age restriction on the import of used trucks
  • Used cars should not be more than 8 years old
  • Commercial vehicles should not be more than 15 years old

Right or Left:

Suriname allows right-hand drive vehicles.

Road Inspection Test:

No road inspection test is required for the import of Japanese used cars in Suriname.

Required Documents:

Here are some documents that are required when importing Japanese used cars.

  • Copy of passport or ID
  • Circulation Permit
  • Driver’s license and international insurance policy
  • Certificate of Title and Registration
  • Original commercial / and purchase Invoice
  • Bill of Lending
  • Insurance certificate for motor vehicle

Import of Japanese used cars to Suriname is easier. Find a reliable supplier, order the car, make payment and get the car delivered to you. 

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