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Main Signs That Automatic Car is Damaged


Cars with automatic transmissions are now starting to be loved by many people, especially those who live in big cities that have heavy traffic. Its very easy operation makes this automatic transmission car the choice of many people. Behind its easy use, automatic cars can also be damaged, especially for cars that are quite old. There are many types and symptoms of automatic car damage.

There are three symptoms that you need to understand because these symptoms are often experienced by automatic car owners. What are they?

1. Heavy Pull:

The first symptom of damage that is often experienced by automatic car owners is a decrease in performance due to heavy pulling. Even though the brake pedal is broken and is in position D, the car still doesn't want to slide or is not enough so it needs the gas pedal to help. This condition is usually caused by decreased performance and oil pressure due to the pump effect and weak solenoid on the automatic gearbox.

2. Hard Shifting:

Symptoms of damage to the second automatic car is a hard and stomping gear shift. Just like what was felt in the first symptom, this condition can also be caused by a decrease in car performance and also automatic oil pressure. Sometimes this symptom can also occur because it is mixed with a little water, maybe the driver is forced to hit the flooded road which is quite high and with a long duration.

3. The Car Can't Go Forward or Reverse:

The last symptom that is a sign of a damaged automatic car is a car that is difficult and can't even go forward or backward. Even though the transmission lever has been positioned in position D or R. Usually this is because the transmission is worn out and needs to be overhauled. For that, your automatic car must be maintained regularly, at least every 6 months. At least, there are several steps you should take to care for an automatic car. Here are the steps:

Use Gears Correctly:

The use of the right gear or transmission, is also referred to as one way of maintaining the correct automatic car. Here the point is that you have to use gears according to the conditions when driving. For example, when the car is parked. We recommend that you use the 'P' parking gear, and never shift it to the 'D' or drive transmission mode, and then forcefully turn off the vehicle. Because this actually makes the gear and clutch parts of the automatic car get damaged quickly. Another example is when conditions are jammed. In this situation, you can switch the transmission mode to 'N' or neutral while lifting the handbrake.

It is not recommended to shift gears to 'P', unless it is in a state of stopping or parking.

Regularly Change Transmission Oil:

The main key to how to properly care for automatic cars lies in the transmission system. Especially after we know if the transmission is very susceptible to damage. Therefore, in this section you really have to pay attention to its maintenance. One of the tips that should not be ignored is changing the transmission oil. This oil change can be done based on the calculation of the car's mileage. Ideally, when the car has reached a minimum distance of 25 thousand km and a maximum of 50 thousand kilometers. Use good quality oil, and even after changing it you still have to check the condition of the oil from the dipstick, by placing the car on a flat road. If the oil volume is in the normal line, it means the transmission oil is in good condition.

Change Engine Oil Periodically:

It's not just about the transmission, you also need to pay attention to engine oil, especially if you want to apply the correct way to care for an automatic car. You can update your engine lubricant every time your car has traveled 80 thousand to 100 thousand kilometers. Remember, always use a special oil for automatic car engines, so that the performance is maximized and comfortable when driving.

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