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Recognize the Main Causes of Broken Car AC Condenser


Climate and road conditions are the main things when we drive, we can even be sure this will apply to new cars and used cars of course. Because if you don't know the conditions, you can clearly damage your favorite vehicle, you know, especially the AC condenser. Like dust and gravel, these two things can damage the AC condenser of your vehicle. Therefore, of course you must be careful in caring for your favorite vehicle, and never underestimate the slightest thing when driving.  Call it like gravel, obviously this can damage the condenser. Just imagine, if when you were driving there was a pebble that bounced off and hit the AC condenser. This can damage and leak the AC condenser, which leads to the AC not functioning properly. Not only leaking, the damage to the AC condenser can vary.

Damage to the Condenser:

1. Condenser Leak:

Every component in a car air conditioner is prone to leaks, including the condenser. The leak usually occurs in the connection pipe that connects the condenser to the car air conditioner itself. As a result, the process of distributing air in the air conditioner is not optimal so that the temperature of the air that blows feels hot even though the air conditioner is played at the highest temperature. Condenser leaks are usually caused by your bad habits while driving. For example, often open the car window lid when the air conditioner is turned on. The opening of the car window will automatically make air pollution enter the cabin and be sucked in by the car ac, then enter the condenser and buildup of dirt in the condenser. This accumulation of dirt causes the condenser to leak easily. The decreasing performance of the condenser is not affected by the size of the leakage that occurs. This means that even a small leak can make the air in the cabin feel hot.

2. Condenser Clogged:

Clogged condenser is usually caused by dust and dirt that has accumulated in it. Many of you think that the incoming dust is not a big problem because the particles are very small. Even if the particles are small, if there are a lot of them, how about it? It can definitely hamper the performance of the condenser itself. The dust that sticks to the condenser is like a black stain on the face. Although the amount is small, it can affect our appearance. If your car's ac condenser is clogged, clean it as soon as possible. Do not let the dust and dirt stick for too long. If you have AC, your car will be damaged quickly.

3. Heat Condenser:

During the cooling process, the ac condenser does not work alone. This means that there are other components that work to help the condenser to function optimally. When the ac is turned on, the condenser will work automatically. Without being ordered though, the condenser immediately works to suck hot air and cool the refrigerant part . It is at this time that the condenser temperature is sometimes unstable. So that overheating often occurs in the condenser.

The things that make the condenser overheat, among others:

  • Fan or fan not turning
  • Too dirty condenser
  • Too much compressor oil
  • Too much freon
  • The rotation of the visco radiator fan is weak

Well, to prevent overheating, it would be nice if your car ac is equipped with an extra fan. In addition to preventing overheating, the presence of two fans has also been shown to speed up the cooling process.

4. Condenser is Old:

Each item has its own economic life, including the condenser. The performance of the old condenser is clearly different from the new condenser. Where the blowing system gradually decreases over time. If it turns out that your friend's condenser is old, it is recommended that the condenser be replaced immediately. In order to maximize wind rotation, the temperature in the cabin is maintained.

5. Rusted Condenser:

Rust in the condenser is usually caused by the amount of dirt that has accumulated in the air conditioner. The rusting process is also faster due to the presence of water droplets during the cooling process. As car owners, we should pay attention to the condition of the car's ac at all times. Check each component regularly to ensure that all ac components are fine. Even if some components are damaged, you can repair or replace them quickly. So that the air gusts stay cool and cold. From the five common damage to the car ac condenser above, it can be concluded that the main cause of condenser damage is due to the accumulation of dirt, dust, and small pebbles in the air conditioner. The nesting of dust and dirt will hamper the performance of the condenser, as well as other components, such as the cabin filter or evaporator.

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