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Right Air Purifier For Your Car


Humid air can be bad for health. Starting from the flu, itching, respiratory problems, and so on. This condition should be treated immediately so that the residents of the house can be healthy and carry out their activities properly. Even with your vehicle, maintaining the ideal humidity level in the car cabin must be done for comfort and health. Especially during a pandemic like now, vehicle owners park their vehicles more because they do more activities at home. Practically, the car is rarely 'touched' so often forget to pay attention to the condition of the cabin space. Even though entering the rainy season like now, car owners must take extra care of their vehicles, both exterior and interior. In the interior, the condition of wet footwear, clothing or umbrellas when entering the car can also affect the condition of the cabin. Not only damp, wet carpets and upholstery can trigger unpleasant odors. This condition certainly makes driving uncomfortable and it is feared that it will interfere with concentration.

The unpleasant effect of letting the car cabin damp is the growth of mold around the car seat. Usually the fungus arises around the interior surface of leather or fabric. If it is too severe, it can even grow on the steering wheel, seats, to the ceiling of the car. The cause of the emergence of this fungus is because when there is condensation at night or evaporation during the day, there is no air circulation that occurs so that after a long time the fungus appears to breed. Prevention is actually simple, you have to regularly warm up the car engine at least every two days. That way there is an opportunity for air exchange when the car door is opened. If necessary, when heating while opening the car window to facilitate air circulation. The majority of car owners rely on an air purifier as a way to keep the air in their car clean and fresh. In general, there are two types of air purifiers, namely the filter type and the ion generating type. Both have different functions and benefits depending on the needs of the driver. The ion-type air purifier can remove unpleasant odors in the air. This type is often used by people who often smoke in the car. This product can also clean the air from mold, bacteria, and dust in the air. While the filter type is able to remove particles and pollutants in the air. The smelly air is cleaned using a filter, and the clean air is blown out. It is also important to pay attention to the comfort aspect. There are types of air purifiers in the car that make a sound when turned on and some do not. Sometimes, this sound can be annoying.  Also pay attention to the type of power supply or power supply. Some use a power supply from a cigarette socket, micro USB, or solar panels. An air purifier that uses a cigarette socket and micro USB as a power supply is suitable if you are looking for a tool that is flexible and can be used anywhere. Even devices that use a micro USB port can be connected to a laptop or power bank. Meanwhile, products that use solar cells have a long-lasting battery capacity, although they are less practical.

Choosing the Right Air Purifier:

One of the important points of maintaining the humidity of your car cabin space is to choose the right air purifier. Well, there are several car air purifier options that you can consider to keep the car cabin clean.  First Car Humidifier. Its main function is to provide moisture to the air in the car cabin, considering that long-term use of air conditioning makes the air in the car feel dry. Then there is the Car air purifier ionizer, its use is more complete than the first. Because besides being able to maintain air humidity, it also has the function of sterilization, deodorization and air purification. How to use it is also easy, because it only stays plugged into the lighter socket. Car air purifier ionizer is also said to be able to reduce or even eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke that often sticks to the car cabin. Lastly, car air freshener. Its function is to make the air in the car fresher. The way it works is the same as other car air purifiers, namely the air purification mechanism. Confuse to choose? You can use the Cleverin Sterilization  product which is proven to be effective in killing 99 percent of viruses and bacteria. This Cleverin Sterilization contains Chlorine Dioxide, as an anti-virus and a very strong disinfectant for surfaces, air, and vehicle interiors. Another advantage is the process of making smoke without perfume and has been clinically tested with Taiko Pharmaceutical Japan. Very effective in eradicating the influenza virus and infectious diseases. And of course eliminate bad odors in the car, food waste, sweat, animal waste, cigarette smell, bad breath.


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