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What is the Impact If the Car is Flooded?


You are experiencing the rainy season these days. In fact, the rainfall accompanied by strong winds. This condition causes the road surface to be more slippery and the driver's visibility is reduced. For that, there are several sectors in the car that must be considered and cared for in order to work optimally. It's called a natural disaster, it's hard to avoid. A real example is the flood which is often a barrier when doing activities. Worst of all, if you bring a private vehicle, it might even be flooded. Floods certainly have a bad impact on vehicles.

The following are the effects of floods that can damage car:

1. Dirty Car:

Floods come from various sources of water that have been mixed with sand and garbage around it. When the water gets inside, the entire interior of the vehicle automatically becomes dirty. If the dirt settles, then the part becomes difficult to clean. You certainly needs extra effort and time to clean it. It's simple to take it to a repair shop, but you have to be prepared to pay more because the cleaning will be done thoroughly.

2. Machine Components Damage:

Floods may damage the engine components of the vehicle, especially the electrical parts. You should immediately check important parts, such as pistons, air conditioners, lights, and wipers , whether they are still in good condition or not. If one of these components is damaged, it is better to repair it before using the vehicle for activities. If forced to work, usually the damage will seep into other parts, making the damage even worse.

3. Bad Smell:

Another impact is the unpleasant odor in the car. Starting from the smell of garbage and even food vapor that was also flooded. As a result, driving becomes less comfortable. Do car fogging to get rid of unpleasant odors as well as clean viruses or bacteria that are already attached to the interior of the car. Entrust this to a competent workshop, so the results are satisfactory.

4. Rust:

Another impact of flooding is causing rust on the car body , especially parts made of iron. It can be said that the majority of components are made of iron, so parts must be replaced immediately before corrosion occurs. The price of car components is not cheap, make sure your pockets are filled to the brim. Then, take it to an official repair shop so that the rusty components are replaced with components according to the car manufacturer.

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