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Oct 29 2019

 US Dollar Rallies Against Japanese Yen

The dollar yen has begun to be held down at the 107.45 level. As long as the downward trend is maintained. Looking at the trends in the forex market in 2019, it can be seen that the appreciation of the US dollar and the appreciation of the yen are progressing simultaneously. If we consider that the yen is forming a downtrend, the yen's appreciation outweighs the US dollar.

That dollar yen has failed to break through the 107.45 level for two consecutive days. You should be aware that the resistance point may have dropped by about 1 yen from 108.50.

There is a break of 1.5% of the US interest rate pointed out in the report “US-China trade talks, US bond market and dollar yen” on the 8th. If the long-term interest rate (currently US interest rate), which is currently in the 1.5% -2.0% range, breaks down to 1.5%, it can be seen that it will fall to the 105 yen level again.

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