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Sep 30 2020

Elon Musk Promises Tesla to have $ 25,000 Electric Vehicle by 2023


Tesla, like many other electric brands, is committed to reducing the costs of batteries and packs. When that happens, Musk believes that Tesla can offer consumers $ 25,000 in electric vehicles. Tesla's super affordable EV timeline is also self-contained and will be available by 2023, or three years later. The price of electric cars in the United States has come down in recent years, but it's not enough for companies to sell electric cars in the usable range for $ 25,000. The average prices were from $ 64,300 in 2018 to $ 55,600 in 2019, down 13.4%. Tesla will not exceed $ 25,000, with similar declines over the next three years. For comparison, the average price of a gasoline car is $ 36,600.

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