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Nov 16 2020

EV Startup NIO Launches a New 100 kWh 382 Mile Range Battery With a Subscription Plan


Chinese start-up EV and rival Tesla NIO have launched the latest battery pack that delivers more power and greater range. The new 100 kWh battery pack has an NEDC range of 615 km (382 miles) and is available as an option on NIO vehicles. Nio customers can pre-order a 100kWh battery-powered electric vehicle starting Saturday, November 7. Nio has already opened 158 battery switch stations in China and more are being built. To date, the company said it has provided more than 1.1 million battery replacement services to owners. CTP batteries have an integrated design that speeds up the manufacturing process by 40%, and CTP technology improves space use by 19.8%. As a result, the battery offers a 37% higher energy density.

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