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Dec 23 2021

NIO Inc. Launch New Mid-Size Sedan ET5


Electric vehicle maker NIO Inc held its annual "NIO Day" on December 18 in Suzhou, where the company unveiled its newest electric vehicle, the ET5 sedan. The ET5 is NIO's fifth consumer electric vehicle after the ES8 SUV, ES6 compact SUV, EC6 fastback, and ET7 full-size sedan. The mid-sized ET5 is poised to compete with the Tesla Model 3 and other similar electric vehicles in China. Equipped with a standard 75 kWh battery, the ET5 has a China light car test (CLTC) range of over 550 km (342 miles). The 100 kWh long-range battery provides a range of over 700 km (435 miles) and over 1000 km (621 miles) when equipped with a 150 kWh NIO long-range battery. A range of more than 600 miles will make the ET5 the world's longest-range electric vehicle, beating the current world leader in Lucid Motors' Lucid Air sedan, which can provide a range of up to 520 miles.

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