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Jan 08 2022

Stellantis will Transform Chrysler into an All-Electric Brand in 2028


Chrysler will act as Stellantis' flagship electric charger brand. Stellantis announced plans to invest $ 35.5 billion in electric vehicles last year. Chrysler does not have electric vehicles for sale and has not even hinted at a possible sale of electric vehicles in the future. Along with the announcement of the switch to an all-electric vehicle, Chrysler showcased the Chrysler Airflow concept. The all-electric four-wheel-drive SUV gives an idea of ​​the type of electric vehicles we might see from Chrysler in the future. Its twin-engine configuration provides a four-wheel drive, and its battery pack provides 350 to 400 miles of range. We're talking about this because the brand's first electric vehicle will launch in 2025. In addition, Chrysler's first electric vehicle will be a crossover. In total, Chrysler plans to put on sale about three electric vehicles by 2028.

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