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Popular Used Passenger Vans in the Philippines

2016 Honda Odyssey

Vans are popular because these can be used as people-carriers like passenger vans as well for business purposes. Passenger vans are appreciated for their utility and practicality. If you are looking to buy an affordable van, go for a used one. Here is a list of popularly used passenger vans you can buy in the Philippines.

Hyundai Starex / Grand Starex

If you are looking for a great-carrier for your family, then consider seriously about this van. If you can find a first generation Starex, you should expect it to be a good choice for you. The practicality of this van has made it a top choice for the customers.   

It is equipped with a 2.5-liter diesel mill with CRDi technology, mated with either a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual transmission. It offers a spacious cabin and comfortable ride along with sufficient safety features. It is especially good for elderlies with its easy ingress and egress. The parts can be found easily. However, being a used vehicle, it is recommended to keep its maintenance in mind.  

Toyota HiAce

Toyota Hiace is a popular van manufactured by the Japanese automaker. The Hiace series of vehicles was first launched in 1967. Do not try to ignore it due to its Frigidaire-esque visage. The interior of this vehicle offers excellent space with headroom and legroom large enough for the passenger to relax in. Toyota Hiace has evolved with the constantly changing needs of the market. This is a popular vehicle due to its durability, reliability, and versatility.

Nissan Urvan / NV350 Urvan

Nissan is popular for offering durable and reliable vehicles. Nissan Urvan is one of the longest-running plates in the country. It was presented as a direct competition to Mitsubishi L300. If you are considering a shuttle service, Nissan Urvan can be an ideal choice as the strength of the Urvan lies on its seating capacity and flexibility.

Try to get these vans in good condition since you are looking for a used one. You can find plenty of vans in the used car market, but try to choose with high mileage.  

Kia Carnival / Grand Carnival

Kia Carnival is also known as Sedona. It became a hit in its earlier days due to the affordability and standard features equipped in as compared to the rivals. With its spacious cabin and sliding doors, it is especially good for those looking for vehicles for their families. You can find a variety of these vans in the used market.

Toyota Previa

Do you want to get a van that is stylish, comfortable and luxury at an affordable price? Look no further than Toyota Previa. However, its soft suspension and pleasant ride may not appeal to you if you are a hardcore driver. This van is recommended if you are looking for a practical ride for your family.

Toyota Previa and Camry share the parts as the Previa is based from the Toyota Camry. It means parts for this vehicle can be found easily. However, you may say it a shortcoming since a lone 2.4-liter with VVT-i engine was only offered in the Philippines. Try to get a unit in good condition since you are buying a used vehicle.

Toyota Alphard

It is a luxury van produced by Toyota. Japanese automaker offers many amenities inside such as reclining seats, dual sunroof, leather captain seats with ottoman and footrest, DVD system and mood lighting. If you are looking for a used unit, make it sure to check all the features.

Toyota Alphard is a popular van in the Philippines although it is one of the most expensive vans in the market.

Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey is a practical vehicle with convenient features if you are thinking to use it for your family. However, it may be difficult for you to find this van in the used market since only a few of them are available.

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