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Sep 22 2020

BMW has Signed a Deal with Tactile Mobility Company to Equip its Vehicles with Detection Software in 2021


German automaker BMW has signed a business deal with Israeli touch data and sensor company Tactile Mobility. As part of this partnership, BMW will equip its vehicles with Tactical Mobility software technology from 2021. BMW's collaboration with Tactical Mobility will equip future BMW vehicles with the ability to analyze the road surface under the tires. which will allow precise detection in real-time. road conditions. In addition, the data can support adaptive sleep management functions based on current or conditions to improve safety or performance. This collaboration is one of the first commercial integrations of data and touches sensing technology from a major automaker. Tactical Mobility's Vehicle DNA software provides a representation of each vehicle's systems, including suspensions, powertrain, braking efficiency, tire condition, and more, in real-time.

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