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Jul 02 2021

To Collect and Process Real-Time Vehicle Data to Improve Safety Volvo is Building 225 Million GB Data Canter


Volvo Cars hosted a technology day on Wednesday where company executives shared a roadmap for the company's future plans. Most of Volvo's future plans include putting tens of thousands of connected and software-powered cars on the road over the next decade, driving millions of miles, and constantly sharing data with automakers. Volvo customers will be able to choose whether or not to share their vehicle data. However, Volvo says all data collected will be collected to protect customer privacy. Volvo says its engineers can validate and verify autonomous driving capabilities much more quickly using actual vehicle data, than on a closed track using data from multiple test vehicles. To process the massive amount of real-time traffic data collected from Volvo vehicles, Volvo Cars and Zenseact are investing in a large AI-powered data factory over the next few years. Data centers can store more than 225 million gigabytes of data.



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